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E-Type Jig for Sax Choir
E-Type Jig
Sax Choir SSAAATTBB + Opt. Bass
Cat. No. GP401
Duration 2m 40s

Instantly appealing and accessible, despite the challenge of alternating 5/8 and 4/4 meters, this lively, rhythmic, dance-like piece has the ability to really get an audience on your side! Ideal at the end of a programme. A real show-stopper.
You can see and hear The Yorksire Saxophone Choir playing E-Type Jig at The 2012 World Saxophone Congress by clicking here.

Minimal Man for Sax Choir
Minimal Man
Sax Choir SSAAATTBB + Opt. Bass
Cat. No. GP402
Duration 5m

As featured recently in concerts at RNCM and RCM under the batons of Andy Scott and Kyle Horch respectively, this funky, rhythmic and exhilarating, piece uses changing meters over jazz crossover harmonies to create maximum audience impact. Originally inspired by the NSC, and using one of the pieces from Tongue ‘n’ Groove as a starting point, it has an open improvised Tenor Solo in the middle. Challenging, but great fun when you get there!

‘This jaunty, syncopated piece is well crafted and includes an improvisation sections for solos. A must for all sax ensembles seeking something cool and edgy.’ Nigel Wood

‘minimal man’ is technical genius mate! fantastic stuff! every one was stunned by it!’ Concert promoter