Catalogue index : Clarinet solos

Double Click!!*
30 Byte-Size Pieces for Solo Clarinet
Chris Gumbley, James Rae and Karen Street
Any Solo Sax
Cat. No. GP205
Duration 15m approx.

*Features pieces set for the new ABRSM (2018-21) Woodwind Syllabus.

At last, a clarinet version of the acclaimed Double Click!! for Saxophone featuring many new pieces written specifically for the instrument by three of UK’s leading composers of educational music.
These solos range from the simple and engaging to the adventurous and challenging, moving progressively through from Grade 1 up to Grade 8.
They are designed to be effective and enjoyable without accompaniment.
Notes above each piece highlight any special features and provide a few performance tips.

1. Logging On
2. Spam and Eggs
3. Easy P.C. (ABRSM Gr.1)
4. Backspace Odyssey (ABRSM Gr.2)
5. Mouse Drop-in
6. Press Return to Sender
7. Clever Cookie
8. Double Click!!
9. Shift Key Shuffle
10. Phish and Chips
11. Pop-up!
12. Hip Address
13. Domain Reason
14. Yes App-arently (ABRSM Gr.3)
15. Standby For Action!
16. Icon See Clearly Now
17. Hot Swap
18. Save as… (ABRSM Gr.4)
19. Flashcard Funk
20. Polka Dotcom (ABRSM Gr.4)
21. Ellie and Elsie Dee
22. Hard Drive
23. Router 66
24. Just Browsing (ABRSM Gr.5)
25. Drop Down Gorgeous
26. Bounce Back
27. Bluestooth
28. Ram Raider
29. Off and Back On (ABRSM Gr.7)
30. Streaming Hot! (ABRSM Gr.8)

Day Dreams*
for Bb Clarinet and Piano
Karen Street
Bb Clarinet and Piano
Cat. No. GP208
Duration: 1m

*This piece has been set for Grade 1 Clarinet in the new ABRSM (2018-21) Woodwind Syllabus

​​A short, delightful and easily accessible piece aimed at capturing the imagination of any newcomer to the clarinet.

Tongue ‘n’ Groove Clarinet
Clarinet + CD
Cat. No. 202
Duration 20m 12s

A successor to the much-acclaimed Cool School. Sixteen irresistible solos in a plethora of styles including funk, swing, ragtime, rock ‘n’ roll and calypso. They work unaccompanied or with the attached backing/demo CD. Concert pitch chord symbols are provided for optional piano or guitar accompaniment. Like Cool School, the book has a certain ‘muso appeal’, designed to instantly raise the enjoyment levels of teachers as well as students.

Straight Talkin’ Score | Audio
Poached Eggs Score | Audio
The Glimpse Score | Audio
Blues Alley Score | Audio
Count Lykemadd Score | Audio
Rise and Fall Score | Audio
Easy Street Score | Audio
Spod Score | Audio
Calypso Score | Audio
Rocket Roll Score | Audio
E-Type Jig Score | Audio
Life on Cloud Eight Score | Audio
Oily Rag Score | Audio
Minimal Man Score | Audio
Rockin’ Horse Score | Audio
Seesaw Score | Audio